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We connect people with resources and growth in the promotional merchandising and performance engagement industries.

Maximum resources is critical to growth


Specializing in the promotional merchandising and performance engagement industries.

Our specialty:

  1. Connecting talent with leading distributor sales organizations.
  2. World class eLearning courses (no cost).
  3. Growth strategies and resources.
  4. Helping you assess business combinations to elevate growth.

Our industry is changing at lightening speed.

The sales skills and resources necessary to differentiate yourself are different. Not all distributors are positioned to thrive. Finding the right talent, at the right time involves more than job postings.

Your client value proposition needs to be more than just product sourcing and creative ideas. Leading end user corporation are seeking supplier partners that can truly help them:

  • Create and inspire brand interaction.
  • Motivate & empower their people to perform at their best.

Our services are designed to:

  1. Match the best talent with the best distributors, through our establishing in depth understanding of each.
  2. Develop trusted advisory relationships with each, involving our team and resources:
  • Our referral network.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Agency platform, ZoomInfo and more.
  • Increasingly improving marketing engagement, broadcast and social engagement systems you can tap into.
  • Providing top caliber relevant eLearning, at no cost.
  • Experienced talent engagement professionals.
  • 100% confidentiality throughout.

While, in many cases we are able to respond lightening fast to our talent relationships and/or distributor clients critically urgent needs, our ability to succeed together is maximized when we have a solid foundational background already in place.

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