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Business Value Elevate Growth 3 min read

Thousands of promotional merchandising distributors (promo and print) are assessing their business value and growth plans and investigating business combination alternatives to elevate both.

Webinar Completed (May 5, 2022)

Webinar Outline


Some promotional merchandising agencies are doing extremely well right now, while others are still rebounding.

Some sales professionals have exploded during these times, while others are flat.

Some end user customers have increased marketing spend, while others have not.

But everyone is being resilient and re-inventing their value proposition and strategic growth strategies.

Almost everyone realizes that legacy sales business practices, will no longer position them to thrive.

Top performing and ambitious promotional distributor agencies ($2M - $15M/yr) are investigating alternatives to combine their businesses with maximum resources, strategic growth plans, to grow and realize maximum business value for their long hard work.

Engage & Excel Enterprises

  1. Helps promo and print distributors understand and assess the landscape of business combination alternatives and find the right match to accelerate your growth and realize a value for your business (Yes- have your cake and eat it too)
  2. Business combinations these days come in different forms: We will help you fully understand and assess the value of each.
  • Sell your business, realize a maximum value for your business and retire.
  • Sell your business, realize a maximum value and stay on in a sales role.
  • Maintain ownership of your business and join forces with a strong distributor leader. Spend more time selling and servicing your clients and less time with the many distractions to finding time to sell.

Our industry is changing at lightening speed.

The sales skills and resources necessary to differentiate ourselves are different. Not all distributors and sales professionals are positioned to thrive.

Customers of all shapes and sizes expect and are demanding the best solutions available, with competitive resources and value.

Our industry was built to attract people that thrive on independence and want to be responsible for their own success- getting out of it, in proportion to what they put into it. That doesn’t need to change, however the necessary resources to design and deliver value certainly have and are ever changing.

It’s no longer possible to thrive by ourselves alone.

Your client value proposition needs to be more than just product sourcing and creative ideas. Leading end user corporations are seeking supplier partners that can truly help them:

  • Create and inspire brand interaction.
  • Motivate & empower their people to perform at their best.

Key takeaways:

  1. These are times to be open and honest with ourselves, assess if we are surrounded by the right resources to thrive. If not, it may be time to investigate change. Not changes that require you to diminish who you are (or want to be) but rather empower you to grow and be your own Hero.
  2. In our experience, of working with hundreds of distributors and sales professionals, achieving growth boils down to:

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